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A Network of Peers


RAC’s network of 500 consultants and coaches has come to rely on its collaborative spirit. Collaboration and growth happen when teams or groups of like-minded people come together to focus on a particular goal, outcome, or learning experience. Generating clients becomes easier when you have access to the credibility of a collective group.

RAC also sponsors Affiliate Development Sessions three times per year for the sole purpose of bringing our consultants/coaches together to learn from each other about relevant and current business topics. The RAC network has a high level of diversity when it comes to prior positions held and industry expertise.

Here is a perfect example of the benefits of being a part of a network of peers who are working in the same business as you, day after day, and the wealth of knowledge that is presented at our Affiliate Development Sessions (ADS). This was a recent email from one Affiliate in the network to another, that shows how valuable the Affiliate Development Sessions are.

“Hello from a fellow RAC Affiliate. I trust you recall we’ve met and talked at RAC meetings, most recently the Affiliate Development Session when you presented the “Power of Strategic Planning by the Book.” I really enjoyed your presentation and appreciated that you shared your approach to contacting decision makers thru email/US mail and the message you use.

Upon my return from RAC, I put my ADS materials aside, though I had the intent to try your approach to email cold calling. I became busy with other work and didn’t do it right away. As a New Year business resolution, I decided I would give it a try.

This past Sunday, I sat down and drafted ONE email as a ‘test’. I started with your wording – including the header, and closed with the three options at the end. I did edit the email to reflect my writing style & voice, and what I offer in general, but focused on strategic planning.

I sent the email to the CEO of a local company that I want to do business with this year. I’d met him only once, in November, at a meeting for a local Quality organization of which I am a board member. So this wasn’t a totally cold call. However, our conversation was brief and I didn’t sense an immediate interest in meeting with me (we did exchange cards).

Today, I received a reply from the CEO, thanking me for reaching out and stating he wants to set up a call in February to include his Controller and other key executives. He wrote they had talked for a while about ‘mapping out’ their future, and wants to use the call as the first step to learn more about what that would entail. He also visited my website.

I have a great feeling about this new business opportunity.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I am going to use this approach again and again.”

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